Poverty Reduction and Policies & Livelihoods



This project component will provide economic and institutional data about household land and natural capital use, livelihood strategies, production activities and respective attitudes and preferences. A monetary valuation of central non-market ecosystem services will be obtained using stated preference data (‘Choice Experiment’), followed by livelihood-specific identification and valuation of critical natural capital using non-market valuation data and household baseline data. An adapted SIAT will be used to predict how alternative livelihood strategies enable stakeholders to cope with anticipated change in pasture productivity, climate-related temporal shifts in water availability and socio-economic changes. A PAM study will assess the private and social competitiveness of key agricultural production activities, their dependence on regional and national policies, changes on global agricultural product markets, and the availability of ESS&F. This approach will also provide input into models used by the World Bank for Impact Modeling.


For results within this cluster check following publications (to be continued):


In Mongolian

  • Бодлогын шинжилгээний материцыг ашиглан МАА-н бүтээгдэхүүн үйлдвэрлэлийн өрсөлдөх чадвар (Ховд аймгийн Булган сум) (Poster) 



In English

  • Competitiveness of livestock production: goat versus sheep (Proceeding)
  • Competitiveness of livestock production in Mongolia using Policy Analysis Matrix approach (In case of Bulgan soum Khovd province) (Poster) 

  • Germination of licorice seeds from Bulgan river basin, Mongolia (Poster) 

  • Indigenous knowledge of medicinal plants used in the Altay-Dzungarian region of Mongolia (Proceeding) 

  • Morphological and genetic diversity and seed germination behavior of a snow lotus (Saussurea involucrata, Asteraceae) from theMongolian Altay Mountains, Western Mongolia (Journal article)

  • Opportunities to improve profitability of cattle farming in Bulgan Soum of Khovd Province, Mongolia (Leaflet)

  • The effect of payments for ecosystem services programs on  the relationship of livelihood capital and livelihood strategy among rural  communities in Northwestern China (Journal article)

  • The influence of chemical fertilizers on the net income of  farmers and the environment (Journal article)

  • Use of crabapple seedlings in  propagation of some woody plants of the genus Malus (Masterthesis)


Responsible scientists

Mongolia: Lkhagvadorj 

China: Zhang-Xinhuan 

Germany: Barkmann, von Cramon-Taubadel