Soil Fertility Management


This project component will analyse crop growth, soil carbon and nutrient fluxes as determinants of land use sustainability. These data will allow identifying sustainable pasture and crop management practices for extension services and formulation of policy recommendations.


For results within this cluster check following publications (to be continued):


In Chinese

  • 阿尔泰山及准噶尔盆地边缘半荒漠系统不同土地利用方式的氮沉降量及其生态效应  (Poster) 


In Mongolian

  • Булган сумын газар тариалангийн систем дэх шим тэжээлийн бодисын эргэлт (Poster) 


In English

  • Effects of deposition on different landuse types in semi-desert ecosystems of the Altay Mountains (Poster) 

  • Nutrient cycling in agricultural production systems in Bulgan Sum, Mongolia (Poster) 
  • Response of soil microorganism after converting a saline desert to arable land in Central Asia (Journal article)

  • Soil microbial indicators for different land-use types in the oasis Bulgan Sum, Mongolia (Masterthesis) 



Responsible scientists

Mongolia: -

China: Feng, Zhang-Fusuo

Germany: Buerkert, Joergensen, Ludwig