Climate Variability and Change



This project component will assess the regional variability in climate, evapo-transpiration and precipitation at different spatio-temporal resolutions. Based on hydrological and meteorological observations, changes in the water budget components will be quantified, including natural decadal and multi-decadal variations and superimposed anthropogenic trends. To this end modelling tools (COSMO-CLM, SWAT, CENTURY, DNDC RothC SIAT) will be adapted to local conditions and employed to investigate the role of the Altay as a water reservoir, distributor and buffer for the Dzungarian Basin and the sensitivity of these functions to the anticipated changes in the rainfall pattern throughout the year (winters with increased snowfall and hot dry summers).


For results within this cluster check following publications (to be continued):


In Mongolian

  • Булган голын сав газрын уур амьсгалын өөрчлөлт (Poster) 


In English

  • Adaptation of the Community Land Model to the Mongolian Altay region (Masterthesis) 

  • Climate change and extreme events in Bulgan catchment (Poster) 

  • Climate change in Bulgan, Western Mongolia (Presentation) 
  • Dynamical Downscaling with COSMO(-CLM) in the Sino-Mongolian Altai Region (Masterthesis) 



Responsible scientists

Mongolia: Oyunmunkh

China: Liu

Germany: Simmer